The Power of Influence

Are you able to effectively get your team to work with you towards a shared objective? Leading others through authority or coercion is an outdated model that’s often more counter-productive than fruitful.

In The Power of Influence you will learn:

  • What makes influence a powerful tool in business.
  • How successful business leaders have used influence to get ahead.
  • How to exercise, build and maintain your influence.
  • What to be mindful of and avoid when it comes to influence.
  • Useful tips for becoming more influential.

For me, it felt important to have a lot of influence because my decisions affect a lot of people. And I need to get some very rational, highly intelligent, able, capable, determined, hungry people on board with sometimes some very far-out ideas.

Fred Schebesta – Founder & Director

If there’s anything that we’ve ever done where we’ve misused our influence, it’s by not using our influence. You see, your team members, they want the boss to actually lead. They want the boss to be the boss.

Brett Kelly – Founder & CEO

Giving you the power to influence

Don’t miss out on more from Schebesta and Kelly in Issue 2 of our Powering Business series, The Power of Influence.

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